Gilbert Pasquale

Gilbert Pasquale

Class of 2022

Prior to Ross, I managed an analytics team with Accenture Federal Services in Washington, DC. My client for six years was the United States Postal Service and it felt truly impactful to help one of the largest organizations in the world make data driven decisions. I am a data nerd at heart. I love to build analytic models and visualize a dataset in an innovative way. Since arriving at Ross, I've felt incredibly humbled by the energy and enthusiasm of a focused, diverse, and intelligent student body. I'm a member of the Tauber Institute at Ross and am looking to delve deeper into the world of operations and see how big data continues to change the space. Outside of the professional world, I'm an avid backpacker, soccer player and concert goer. I spent my summer 2020 camping and backpacking around various National Parks.

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The Johns Hopkins University

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