Class of 2021

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi everyone! It’s great that you are considering Ross. I’m a senior concentrating in strategy and finance, originally hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. My interest in business stems from my high school academic and work experiences, and the fact that business influences nearly every aspect of our daily lives. When making my college decision, I was seeking a collegiate school with a great business program. I felt drawn to the Ross community because of its strong collaborative nature, unparalleled business program, and exceptional global opportunities. Ross has an amazing energy and offers a world-class learning environment. It is amazing to know that I could travel anywhere in the world and connect with a Ross alum.

Outside of classes, Ross offers an abundance of organizations that support every spectrum of your business interests. My business fraternity and consulting and finance clubs have provided me opportunities to apply my academic learning to real life scenarios alongside amazing peers. It’s in large part due to these organizations that I was introduced to my chosen career path of consulting, and they helped prepare me for my past summer’s virtual internship at McKinsey & Company. Not only have I gained great hands-on learning experiences throughout my time at Ross, but I have made some fantastic friends along the way. In other words, Ross is a lot of fun. In my free time under normal circumstances, I am usually at the IM building playing basketball or at the Big House or Crisler Center alongside thousands of other Wolverines supporting our teams.

From real world classes and extracurriculars to its amazing people and resources, Ross has so much to offer, and I encourage you to explore every aspect of what it means to be part of the Ross community. Feel free to visit drop-in hours to talk about Ross, student life, or Michigan sports!

As always, Go Blue!

Where is your favorite place to eat in Ann Arbor? Pretzel Bell 

Current Campus Involvement: BOND Consulting Group, Michigan Interactive Investments, Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity

Past Involvement: University of Michigan Student Ambassadors


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