HsiuHsien Chen

HsiuHsien Chen

Class of 2020

Prior to Ross, I worked in a technology company as a product manager in Taiwan and South Korea and spent 1 year in a healthcare firm as a business development manager. Through working with different people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, I realized the importance of leading organizations and inspiring people. I came to Ross to enhance my analytical skills and grow my managerial abilities through practical learning. Ross provides abundant resources from action-based MAP projects to professional career coaches to support us growing our paths. And I was fascinated by how supportive and collaborative the Ross community was when I met amazing alumni and talented classmates. During the summer, I worked for Apple as an operations MBA intern. It was a fascinating experience and I got the chance to utilize what I learned from Ross to complete my internship project. Reach out if you want to know more about Ross! Go Blue!

Undergraduate Education

National Taiwan University

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International Business
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