Hyewon Kwak

Hyewon Kwak

Class of 2018

Since college, I have had passion on global environment and economic development, I began my career by becoming one of the three founding members of the Climate Change & Sustainability Services (CCaSS) at EY in Seoul, Korea. I have consulted corporations in Korea and China and governments in developing countries in Asia on developing eco-friendly business strategy as well as policy recommendation focusing on green growth. I enjoyed working in different countries with various EY offices, however, I always desired to see actual impacts through implementing business strategies and plans, by working closely with community and social entrepreneurships. Hence, I decided to pursue MBA where I can hone my strategic planning and management skills, but most importantly where I can find the business solution to foster socially responsible business that seek continuous harmony between companies and the society. Ross offers students diverse opportunities to work closely with community through action-based learning and resources on social impact and sustainable development from diverse centers and institutions. Also, amazingly strong and globalized alumni network and collaborative culture in Ross are another benefits that students can access. I was surprised how strong the network is and how eager they want to support each other. Over the next two years at Ross, I will utilize these diverse and endless opportunities and find my dream job in social-impact strategy planning and business development for the community. I've done this by joining the Emerging Markets Club, Business Impact Group, and Net Impact @ Ross.

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Korea University

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