James Lee_Headshot

James Lee

Class of 2024

Hailing originally from South Korea, I spent most of my early years bouncing around cold, snowy U.S. cities (Chicago, Boston, Philly). Prior to Ross, I worked as a legal analyst for a global law firm in New York and Seoul. While I enjoyed the intellectual challenges of law, I found myself wanting to do something more proactive and constructive, and decided to come to Ross to develop the tools and resources that would allow me to create this kind of tangible impact. 

I've always valued diversity of experiences in both my academic and professional pursuits, and am interested in getting a holistic understanding of business forces and how they interact with the world. I'm most fascinated by the disruptions caused by innovation and how they impact our daily lives. I've found that Ross is a great place to explore this fascination, as it provides a super-collaborative environment with people from all different walks of business and society. Happy to discuss the MBA journey or anything else that might be on your mind!