Jamie Morgenstern

Jamie Morgenstern

Class of 2024

Prior to business school, I spent 4 years in NYC as a Human Capital Consultant at Deloitte, focusing on HR strategy, technology implementations and employee experience design. Most of my work was focused in the healthcare industry and I loved being able to combine my passion for human capital and social impact to help my clients succeed. I knew that attending business school would help me develop my leadership skills, enhance my business acumen and allow me to make a larger impact in the healthcare space. When looking at schools, I wanted a program that offered strong healthcare classes but more than that, I wanted to be in a collaborative environment with other students who genuinely wanted to support one another. Ross has given me all of that and more. Ross entails real-life case studies, problem solving and collaborative projects where I can learn from my classmates and share some of my experiences and knowledge.

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Cornell University

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