Jasmine Knowles

Jasmine Knowles

Class of 2019

As the daughter of immigrants, I witnessed firsthand how systemic inequity can leave communities with little to no resources. At an early age, I was determined to somehow remedy the pervasiveness of this inequality. In college, this passion led me to study the forces that shaped cities and how to design strategies that dealt with many of the profound social challenges affecting urban metropolitan regions. After graduation, I began my career as a middle school teacher in Philadelphia. My experience in the classroom led to my interest in helping organizations create human capital policies that best served the needs of their employees. I transitioned to management consulting where I worked primarily on strategy and change management initiatives for global clients across the pharmaceutical, government, and retail industries.

I decided to get my MBA because I kept returning to these two questions: "Who gets access to resources? Who gets a seat at the table?" I wanted to refine my leadership skills and strategic acumen so that I could one day be the person that uses my resources to create policies that are more equitable for my former students and my community. As someone who is interested in meaningful innovation at the intersection of education and business, it was critical for me to attend a school that was invested in not only developing strong leaders, but leaders who want to make an impact. I decided to attend Ross because I knew I would be pushed outside of my comfort zone and experience transformational growth over the course of my two years. My time here has been nothing short of amazing!

Undergraduate Education

Washington University in St. Louis

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Student ambassador
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Urban Studies
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Consulting - Strategy