Jeff Sondheimer

Jeff Sondheimer

Class of 2021

Hello! I am from the Metro Detroit area. I am very fortunate to have studied Public Health Sciences at the University of Michigan and had the opportunity to continue my education with the Master of Management program. I am interested in many aspects of the healthcare industry. Through the MM degree, I have been able to combine practical skillsets and methodologies of business with my knowledge and passion for public health and the healthcare industry. I really enjoyed the wide range of core courses. Having been exposed to topics such as accounting, finance, business law, marketing, and operations (to name just a few!), I feel much more confident in my general understanding of business-related topics and fundamentals. I also enjoyed the ability to further cater my courses to best suit my interests through the different elective options. It is widely apparent to me that the Career Development Office (CDO) was truly there to support me and my entire cohort with transitioning into the next steps of our careers. Due to the pandemic, recruiting has been an adjustment for everyone, but the CDO has been doing their best to help us out in any way possible. Currently, I work within healthcare revenue cycle management as an operations lead associate. Please feel free to reach out and ask questions!

Undergraduate Education

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

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Alumni ambassador
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Public Health Sciences (B.Sc.)