Jenna Doe

Jenna Doe

Class of 2021

I graduated from Michigan State University over a decade ago and have focused my experiences towards companies that strive to make a difference in healthcare or the environment, through biotechnology. Early in my career, I enjoyed the research and the feeling that I was making an impact, but as I devoted myself to the laboratory, I found that my success on the bench-top was not always a success for the business.  I wasn't sure what kind of impact I was making. After experiences in lung disease research, yeast derived biofuels and pharmaceutical process development, I found myself working in livestock genetic testing.  I transitioned into a management role, where the mission is clear and the impact on the animal industry is exciting.

The choice to apply to the University of Michigan Weekend MBA program was an easy one.  As my career was progressing in the right direction and my management was supportive of an investment in my career, jumping into a full-time program didn't seem like the right fit.  I really wanted a program that would give me the skills and experience to transition into new roles in the future. The WMBA at Ross has everything I could want from a full-time program - cohort format, two-year time frame, active learning experiences, impressive faculty, career development support - but allows me to continue to gain valuable workplace experience while staying the course with my employer.  I'm looking forward to the challenges of the program and am ecstatic to be a part of this incredible Ross community.


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Michigan State University

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