Jinglong Liu

Jinglong Liu

Class of 2020

For the past nine years, I’ve moved among different industries and positions, seeking my ultimate career passion. Every time I made a switch, I kept thinking, “Ok, this is it!”, only to find out it wasn’t the silver bullet. After the last attempt made three years ago, I realized that it was my vision and knowledge that constrained me from connecting with my desired career goal. I turned my eyes to business school education because I knew it was the next step in my development. The Weekend MBA program at Ross was the perfect choice for me considering I have a growing family and it was conveniently located nearby. It took no time for me to feel the strong sense of community and diverse and dynamic young spirits bouncing around everywhere I went at Ross. There are endless opportunities to learn outside of the classroom in the form of Multidisciplinary Action projects (MAP), case competitions, and club activities. The Weekend MBA program at Ross is unique in it’s focused, two-year timeline and cohort model. During the two years, not only that you will collaborate and learn alongside exceptional classmates with various backgrounds but also you will build up lifelong friendships. I can say I enjoy every minute that I spend here, and I’d like share more of my personal experience with all of you. Go Blue!


Undergraduate Education

Yanshan University, China

Graduate Education

University of Toledo

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Undergraduate Major
Material science
Graduate Major
Chemical engineering
Prior Industry