Kachi Eziirke

Kachi Eziirke

Class of 2022

Growing up as a first-generation Nigerian-American, I had the pleasure to see my mother start multiple ventures without a formal American education. I saw firsthand the challenges she faces as a woman of color to start her own business. Something that always lingered in my mind, was how much better would her businesses have fared off if more resources were available for minority business owners. I decide to go into civil engineering because of the love I had for designing things from the ground up but also it was one of the three option that I had to choose from being Nigerian. After years as a practicing engineer and volunteering with multiple starts ups during my free time, I saw myself being more attracted to helping entrepreneur design their dream enterprise than I was designing physical building. With that I decide that the best option for me to pivot my career was to attend Ross in order to increase my business acumen and my connections that will allow me to break into an industry that is traditionally difficult minorities.

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University of Oklahoma

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Student ambassador
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Civil Engineering
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