Kaity Acton

Kaity Acton

Class of 2018

Prior to starting the Weekend MBA program at Ross, I held several roles in public relations and marketing communications: everything from internal and leadership communications, to government relations, to the management of a charitable foundation. Several of those roles also required extensive travel, including an international assignment in China. Those experiences cemented my passion for working across and connecting global teams.

As I mapped out my career aspirations, I soon realized I would need an MBA to gain experience outside of marketing communications and further my ability to work globally. I chose Ross specifically because I knew the program's reputation would be recognized across any region I may choose to work or live. 

Coming out of Ross, I have successfully pivoted my functional focus: I now work in business development for autonomous vehicles at Aptiv. Both in the classroom and in a real-world business setting, Ross enabled me to gain a breadth of knowledge, ultimately helping to ensure I will have a respected seat at the table as I progress in my career. In addition, the connections I made turned out to be exactly what I hoped: truly world class.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. 

Forever, Go Blue! 

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