Kathryn Mioduszewski

Kathryn Mioduszewski

Class of 2023

After living on both the East and West Coasts, I'm arriving to the Midwest after spending six years in client service, splitting my time as a CPA and a management consultant. While consulting helped me learn how to refine my creative problem-solving skills, I'm passionate about the entrepreneurship space and how to promote more women-founded and funded start-ups. Pursing an MBA was the right choice for me to learn how to fail fast as a founder and to roll up my sleeves on my own business ideas. I chose Ross because I knew this was the place to find innovative minds to support me both inside and outside of the classroom. Outside of the classroom I enjoy running marathons, trying new bourbons, and trying a new set of stand-up comedy at a local open mic night. Looking forward to connecting on what makes you excited about Ross as well. Go Blue!

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Washington Jefferson College

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