Koichiro Tachibana

Hello! I’m from Japan, but spent half of my life in many parts of the U.S. (Georgia, Michigan, New York, Kansas). I came to Ross to strengthen my analytical skills, leadership, and entrepreneurial mindset. Pre-Ross, I worked in the grain department of Mitsubishi Corporation (Japanese Trading Company), trading agricultural commodities and initiating CAPEX projects. Post-Ross, I hope to be involved in a job that tackles complicated problems in a multidisciplinary way, such as Strategic Consulting, Product Management. In Ross, I am on the Finance Track (FTF), involved in entrepreneurship/VC (ZLI, Design + Business), and a member of Risky Business (a band that plays great music!). Ask me anything about pivoting careers, living/working in foreign countries, or how to raise a one-year-old (I’m also a dad!).