Lamia Aroni

Lamia Aroni

Class of 2023

I decided to pursue an MBA at Ross because I wanted change. On paper, I had a decent career at a leading CPG company but I had reached that point in life where I needed a break and wanted to see the world from a different lens. What drives me the most is to experiment, explore and learn about the world. I enjoy travelling to learn about different cultures, perspectives and about the angst, pains and joys of people that no book or movie will ever teach me! The other motivation for me was that I knew that not many people know about the power, potential, integrity and grit of Bangladeshis for which I very much wanted to prove myself in a global arena. While I knew from working with people from across the world, how hardworking and resilient Bangladeshis are, because of lack of opportunities, the world doesn't get to see us! The desire to prove myself and make a mark, and my passion to explore and experiment has brought me to Michigan Ross. I took a break and decided to explore my opportunities in the land of the limitless and I know I couldn't have chosen a better school for myself. Here at Ross there are people from every and any background! I've met a firefighter, F1 racer, Olympic gold medalist, art studio director, investment banker and many more. While I admire them deeply and get to learn from all their diverse experiences, I get to showcase my country as well and that excites and thrills me!

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University of Dhaka

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Student ambassador
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Marketing-Brand/Product Management