Born in Senegal to Rwandan parents, I moved to Madison, WI were I spent my entire academic and professional career before coming to Ross. I spent a little under 4 years working as a Technology Consultant leading financial accounting software implementations for small to medium-sized businesses.

Long term I want to get into Sports Tech, leading teams in product development and strategy at the intersection of sports and technology. I attended the inaugural Michigan Sports Tech Conference in March of 2021 as a prospective, which helped me understand the landscape and the opportunities in Sport Tech. Prior to this, I plan to use my transferrable skills as a consultant to pivot into the product management at Big Tech firms to gain the functional skills at a well-resourced firm. I chose Ross for its strong and proud culture, impactful network, and extensive opportunities. To pivot into sports tech, I knew I needed a strong network and Michigan's network is truly powerful.

If you want to talk pivoting into tech, the Midwest, the Green Bay Packers, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, video games, anime, Walt Disney World, reach out!