Larissa Almeida

Prior to Ross, I was an Artificial Intelligence Consultant at IBM. I worked across several industries and countries, mainly in Latin America and focused on digitalizing Backoffice operations. I felt motivated by interacting and learning from different clients, but I wanted to transition to a Strategy Consulting firm, to help clients make strategic decisions beyond only evaluating technical perspectives. My curiosity and passion for learning matched this career transition desire, and I decided to pursue an MBA in a top-ranked school in the USA. I aimed to attend an MBA program that would provide me hands-on experience. I was immediately drawn to Ross' Action-based learning opportunities (like MAP, consulting challenges, Venture Capital Funds, interacting with startups, and improving leadership skills at Sanger). I knew this was the place where I could enhance my learning experience beyond the class environment, while networking in a collaborative and tight-knit community. I'm happy to talk about my decision process and current view about Ross! Go Blue!