Lauren Deneszczuk

Lauren Deneszczuk

Class of 2024

I have always had high expectations of myself, my education, and my career. After graduating from undergrad, I began working at Ford Motor Company. I have been with Ford for over 7 years and have had the opportunity to pursue an MSE and MBA program funded by the company. My career started in fuel economy and emissions, then to vehicle safety for our BEV programs, followed by time spent in the Electrified Powertrain group, and now as a Supervisor in Vehicle Homologation.

In my electrified powertrain role, I learned my manager was a Ross MBA graduate. I admired his management style so much, I knew I had to apply to Ross to achieve my career aspirations of being a Senior Executive. Between the leadership skills Ross equips you with, the world class education, and emphasis on action based learning and group work, I feel as though this program will be the key to my future success.

The Weekend MBA is the perfect fit for me. I am able to continue my full time job and manage the workload. The material in the program has also helped me explore new interests in fields I had little exposure to previously. Additionally, Ross offers so many clubs, leadership opportunities, and programs WMBA students can join that I feel as though anyone can find a way to further their professional network and interests

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University of Michigan

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Student ambassador
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Chemical Engineering