Lauren Hoepper

Lauren Hoepper

Class of 2021

I've always been passionate about helping others realize their full potential. That's what inspired me to launch my career as a middle school teaching fellow in Boston, where I worked directly with students to advance their literacy skills. While teaching, I quickly learned that I was drawn to helping the school solve school-wide problems and improve our fellowship program, such as augmenting our professional development content and increasing the school's use of data in the classroom. With my interest in creative problem solving and scaling effective organizations, I transitioned to a project management role at a boutique education consulting firm in Washington, DC. Through my consulting work, I partnered with dozens of nonprofits, foundations, and school district leaders to solve complex challenges in the education sector. I decided to go to Ross to broaden my general management knowledge and learn how I could scale impact through others. I was excited by the school's emphasis on social impact and am constantly inspired by the tenacity and supportive nature of everyone I meet at Ross.

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Georgetown University

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