Lisa Keene

Lisa Keene

Class of 2017

After completing my Undergrad experience here at Ross, I mistakenly assumed the MAcc program would simply be another year of group projects, exams, and classes before I began my career. Instead, the students, professors, and faculty come together in a way that create an experience I honestly believe I could not receive anywhere else. While I am walking the same halls and sitting in the same class rooms, this program has found a way to make this fifth year feel like home in a whole new way. We are now one big, crazy family that has given me laughs and memories I will cherish, and continue to form, as I begin my career at PwC next fall.
Prior to the MAcc program, I attended several leadership conferences before accepting an internship offer with PwC for 2015. After that first summer, I accepted a full time position in Audit beginning in 2017, and a second summer internship for 2016.

PwC, Transaction Services, Financial Due Diligence Associate, Detroit, MI

University of Michigan, Master of Accounting '17
University of Michigan, Business


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