Lucia Jimenez Perales

Lucia Jimenez Perales

Class of 2022

Prior to Ross, I worked for four years in different functional areas in one of the biggest Fashion and Cosmetics companies in Latin America, while deeply involved in two social initiatives about gender inequalities and civil rights. During this time, I realized that I wanted my actions in business and other initiatives to have a major scope and wider impact. I wanted to change my focus to be more strategic, and pivot into leadership development roles in companies. The clear answer for me was to pursue an MBA. Among business schools, I chose Ross to develop the skills necessary to have a bigger impact. Choosing Ross was easy; its collaborative approach and focus on impact drove my attention. Besides the academic experience, Ann Arbor is a lovely place where I’m living with my fiancé, who is a second-year PhD in Economics at UM. Feel free to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to help you in this journey! Go Blue!

Undergraduate Education

Universidad del Pacifico

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Operations/Supply Chain Management
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