Lucia Yacono

Lucia Yacono

Hi! My name is Lucia and I’m currently receiving my second Michigan degree as part of the 2020 Master of Management cohort. Previously, I received my bachelors from the College of LSA where I majored in Economics and minored in Spanish Language. While much of my schoolwork was analytical during my undergrad career, the work I did outside of the classroom was very people and hospitality focused. I sought out this program as a way to find balance between my experiences. The Master in Management program has allowed me to blend my educational and professional experiences during core classes focused on strategy and marketing. The program and classes go by very fast, but many of the concepts I’ve learned thus far have already been applicable during job interviews and in better understanding current events. One of the biggest benefits of the Master in Management program is the small cohort size. With 87 people in my cohort, I’ve gotten to learn a bit about everyone’s backgrounds and interests through the core classes that we all take together. This small class size has also allowed me leadership opportunities in becoming the student council Vice President. On student council we get to collaborate with university administrators to help improve the program as well as throw fun social events for our class to bond together. The program is short, but such a blast. I feel like I’ve already learned so much, both from the amazing professors and my peers. If you have any questions about the program and it’s benefits, please reach out! I’s love to share my perspective about what it means to be part of the Ross MM.

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