Lucy Coyle

Lucy Coyle

Class of 2021

Growing up in Rochester, NY, I never guessed I'd end up returning to another #northcoast state where winter lasts six months a year -- but here I am, living my best life in Ann Arbor! What drew me to Michigan? The interactions I had with current, former, and prospective students around the globe. I could tell Michigan was truly developing business leaders to be a powerful force for positive change in the world. Pre-MBA, I researched Human Resources (HR) at Fortune 500 organizations to unlock and scale best practices. During my MBA, I'll be focused on building my analytical prowess and a deeper expertise of managing organizations, so I can pivot full time into practicing (not just researching) HR. Beyond my professional interests, I'm an avid yogi, a passionate singer, a semi-professional wine drinker, and an aspiring runner.

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The Johns Hopkins University

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