Marcelo Medrado

Marcelo Medrado

Class of 2022

After working as an auditor at PwC and as a business analyst at a construction company, I realized that I wanted to see my work impact directly on people's lives. So, I teamed up with a former Ernst & Young partner and founded a company to offer mid-sized companies consulting services. This experience helped me realize that I could create a direct and positive impact on many Brazilians' lives, but I wanted to impact more people. Hence, I joined friends to found an Edtech startup that helped underserved students pass on job admission tests. Through this activity, I found purpose and realized that I had found my true calling - using technology to make education more available. After that, I joined a MedTech startup as head of an app that helps physicians in their decision-making process. I also worked with Google for my MAP project and interned as a Product Manager at Intuit in the summer. I strongly believe that technology plays a crucial role in solving many of the world's problems. This is my passion, which drives my choices – my desire to help lead others to a better life through technology. As a result, this desire drove me towards my MBA at Ross. It is fascinating to be in a top school with an action-based approach, and a unique and highly collaborative culture. At Ross, I can share my experiences with people from different nationalities and backgrounds and be part of a very inclusive culture that embraces diversity. If you want to learn more about this amazing school, feel free to make contact with me. Go Blue!

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Universidade Federal da Bahia

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