Mark McCourt

Mark McCourt

Class of 2017

When I started looking at MBA programs Ross was the clear choice for me.  The opportunity to attend a top business school close to home and in the weekend format was something that I could not reasonably pass up.  With a family at home the weekend MBA program was the perfect fit.  It allows me to plan well in advance and ensure that I can maintain the balance between school, work, and family necessary to be successful.  Beyond being regarded as a top program, the weekend MBA program at Ross offers something else that many part time programs do not, action based learning.  With many part time programs you lose many of the benefits full time programs offer, but not at Ross, they have worked to ensure that this program reflects the benefits and education of the full time program as closely as possible.  That was an important factor for me when evaluating which school was right for me and I could not be happier with my decision.

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Eastern Michigan University

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