Mark Tassilo Voges

Mark Tassilo Voges

Class of 2024

As a consultant in the German energy industry, I have gained interesting insights into renewable energy and decarbonization strategies. I worked on the post-merger integration of one of the largest deals in the energy sector from deal closing to the final integration of the merger parties and built extensive knowledge in organizational design and operating models among others. While having learned a lot during this time, I realized that my passion lies closer to products and services as opposed to more abstract strategic work. I decided to pursue an MBA to perform the notorious career triple jump (change in location, industry, and function at the same time). Post-MBA, I want to work as a Product Manager in Tech in the US. Ross has a great standing with Tech companies and offers numerous opportunities to built Tech experiences within the MBA program. The latter was especially important to me because it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate that I not only have transferrable skills from my time as a consultant, but that I am truly committed to building my expertise in Technology. I love getting to know new people and would be delighted if you reach out to me!

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European Business School Oestrich-Winkel

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