Michaela Monahan

Michaela Monahan

Class of 2018

Before coming to Ross, I worked in the nonprofit world—in-house at a women’s advocacy organization, and for several years in nonprofit consulting. I’ve always gotten a lot of satisfaction out of working to improve lives, and was increasingly interested in the intersection of business and social impact. I came to Ross to gain the quantitative and management skills, broad network, and unique experiences that would help me make a bigger difference through business. Focusing on the healthcare industry was a natural fit because of the enormous opportunities for improving lives at scale within healthcare and life sciences. Pursuing my MBA at Ross has been a transformative experience (especially MAP, which brought me to India to help launch an innovative cardiac device for underserved populations!) among an incredibly dynamic and supportive group of leaders.

Undergraduate Education

Colgate University

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Student ambassador
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Women's & Gender Studies
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Marketing-Brand/Product Management