Mikayla Terrell

Mikayla Terrell

Class of 2023

Prior to Ross, I spent seven years in nonprofit sector working as a Grant Writer and then as Chief of Staff for a large social services organization in NYC. I enjoyed aspects of both of these roles, but I wanted to gain a better grasp of the financial analysis and evaluation that our funders and Board of Directors were interested in. I decided to pursue an MBA to help me build on my strengths as a leader and to develop my quantitative skills. Ross stood out early-on in my application process because of the warmth, energy, and ambition of the students I talked to. Ross students were also by far the most willing to connect me to other students - it was through these conversations that I discovered an unlikely career interest: investment banking. Feel free to connect with me to talk about why NYC is the best place on earth, to nerd out about social services and social impact more broadly, or to hear about everything I'm learning as a future investment banker!

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New York University

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