Miranda Wayne-Beers

I chose Michigan Ross because of the opportunity for experiential learning, excellent healthcare program, and amazing community of classmates and alumni. As an undergrad studying information science, and early in my career I would have never imagined business school being part of my path, but was super fortunate to have a ton of mentorship and interaction with students that led me to be here. I am very excited to talk to prospective students and pay it forward!

Before coming to Ross I spent 5 years in consulting working on large scale IT implementations for healthcare providers. While I enjoyed my job I felt like I was in a really niche market and wanted the opportunity to step out of IT and look the business of healthcare across a broad market landscape. I also felt a strong pull toward entrepreneurship, but didn't feel like I had the skillsets necessary to start my own business.

During my time at Ross i'm excited to learn more about how businesses operate generally and apply those findings to areas i'm interested in, including healthcare and entrepreneurial endeavors. I hope to use these skills to start my own business, or join a healthcare organization and work on developing strategic initiatives. Outside of the classroom my partner and I enjoy being outdoors in Ann Arbor with our pup Tilly and trying new restaurants.