Mohammad Ehaab

Mohammad Ehaab

Class of 2019

Ehaab is a Jordanian-born Malaysianized Indian now with bacon (since he has now moved to a country where bacon is on everything and has a poor sense of humor). As a non-traditional engineer, Ehaab has used science, design thinking and the power of empathy coupled with storytelling to create a unique understanding of user needs to deliver products that truly solve pain-points. He co-founded General Motors’ in-house incubator and consultancy that supports functions across the globe. He has experience in program and product management at GM as a product engineer. He is an MBA candidate at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He has earned an M.S from the IIT, Chicago and a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from the IIU Malaysia. Ehaab is a board-member at Motor City Scholars to expand educational opportunities for Detroit-area youth, with a focus on high school students aspiring to postsecondary education. 


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