Nate Zyren

Nate Zyren

After deciding to attend the Ross School of Business, it became very clear that my graduate education would be a life altering experience for the better. The camaraderie and lifelong friendships created while I was in the Master of Accounting program made my time there very enjoyable. If you are looking for opportunities for advancement while broadening your professional horizons and a hard-working and caring administration to enable and compel you to ask “why not?” instead of “why?”, you’re in the right place. This environment alone is why I chose to attend the Master of Supply Chain Management immediately following my previous education. If you so choose to attend this institution, you will be perpetually shown what the standard is as well as what exceeding it looks like.
My time prior to attending the University of Michigan was spent enlisted in the US Army. Even in a field primarily unrelated to my current educational endeavors, the offerings have been complimentary and have allowed me to build upon certain aspects of my previous professional experience. If you have any questions regarding the programs in the Specialty Masters Department or life at the Ross School of Business, please feel free to reach out. Always and forever, Go Blue.

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