Nicholas Dayton

Nicholas Dayton

Class of 2020

I’m originally from Toledo, OH and I have moved around for school and work for nearly ten years. Currently, I live in Washington, DC working at the intersection of law and finance where I value assets at the center of international arbitration disputes. Prior to my current position, I worked in the same field where I valued intangible assets also in a legal context.

My work experience has thus far been concentrated in a niche field and I knew that I wanted to expand my knowledge and network beyond it. I also knew that I wanted to keep working in my current role, but I did not want geography to limit my options. While researching part-time MBA programs, the Ross Weekend MBA program met these criteria and stood out from the rest. The two-year cohort format mimics the benefits of a full-time program while allowing me to develop in my current position. I would be happy to answer any questions to help you determine how the Weekend MBA can be the perfect fit for you.

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American University

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Case Western Reserve University

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