Rachel de Leon

Rachel de Leon

Class of 2018

Coming from a less traditional background as an offshore field engineer in oil and gas, I was looking for a school that would help me pivot into consulting as well as expose me to social impact projects. Ross has already given me both! I was able to recruit into consulting and have also been able to gain exposure to my other passions in social impact and education. I have felt challenged from a leadership and social impact perspective, such as through my MAP experience which took me to southern India to work with entrepreneurs on sustainable consulting practices. The community at Ross was the ultimate selling point, which has far exceeded my expectations in building a truly supportive environment and allows you the opportunity to foster your own community. And for being a smaller city, Ann Arbor has a lot to offer, from yoga studios to farmer’s markets to Michigan football, there is always something going on!

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University of Florida

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Student ambassador
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Materials Engineering
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