Rahul Naik

Prior to Ross, I worked as an environmental engineering consultant in Houston, where I specialized in designing infrastructure to reduce flooding risk for private developments around Texas. I loved the fact that I could utilize my ability to critically think and feel like I was making a tangible difference. The more I grew in my career, the more I grew in my consulting abilities, and this became my favorite responsibility of the role. This led me to realize my goal of combining my passion for strategic problem solving and my personal passion for sports. I identified business school as the perfect place to explore my passions, and Ross was provided the perfect combination of consulting and sports business resources in addition to an incredible community culture. Throughout my process of researching business schools and connecting with students, each conversation I had with someone at Ross invariably led to a domino effect of additional connections. I soon had a small network at Ross before I even submitted my application. The desire to help one another and share in each other's success is pervasive at Ross and distinguishes the community. Outside of school, I love to watch and play all sports, explore Ann Arbor with my dog, Snoopy, discover new food, meditate, and grab drinks with friends. Go Blue!