Reuben Kurian

Prior to Ross, I worked as a product/tech consultant at an MBB across it’s Delhi and Warsaw offices. Over the 5 years at the firm I developed a prowess in using data to make better decisions and worked on projects spanning over 15+ industries. My role involved helping clients make strategic decisions focused on performance improvement, specifically through cost competence. Having spent the first decade of my life in the US, I wanted to return and simultaneously pivot into strategy consulting here. Ross, through its strong commitment to ‘Action-Based Learning’, incredibly collaborative community and sports crazy culture is the place to be! The community here is incredibly talented, yet supportive and humble at the same time. Outside of the classroom, you can find me consulting for local non-profits and communities in and around Ann Arbor, jamming it out with Risky Business (the official Ross Rock Band), playing soccer or at 'The Bus' - the official MBA football tailgate. Feel free to ask me anything about Ross, living in Ann Arbor, and all things football. Go Blue!