Class of 2022

Hometown: Birmingham, Michigan

 Hello everyone! I’m happy to hear you are considering Ross for the next step in your academic journey! I am currently a BBA sophomore planning to concentrate in strategy as well as social impact. My interest in business is deeply connected to my passion for leaving a positive impact on the world, and I hope to pursue a career in business that is deeply tied to helping communities in need. When I was thinking about where I wanted to go to college, as I am sure many of you may be now, I wanted a memorable experience where I would have both opportunities to explore my passions and a chance to leave an impact in any field I pursued.

With these two wishes in mind, the Ross community was a perfect fit for me with its infectious spirit of collaboration, hands-on business experiences, and impressive student network. There are many prestigious undergraduate business schools and programs in the nation, but none of them have the same vibrance or energy that Ross had for me. It is amazing to know that I am not part of another student body but rather a motivated and driven community committed to leaving their mark on the business landscape.

Outside of classes, the Ross co-curricular scene is full of amazing clubs and organizations that can help you carve out your own path and community within Ross. For me personally, I started my own student organization, Propel Business Club, for students interested in learning how business can be used as a tool for social change. Within the club, we work alongside businesses doing amazing work in the community to help magnify their impact.

Most importantly however, It’s the amazing people and the incredible experiences I’ve had, both in Propel and in other clubs I’m involved in, that have given me some of my favorite memories here at Ross. In my free time, you can find me cracking dad jokes in the Winter Garden, watching YouTube videos on how to make mac & cheese without burning it, and when it’s nice outside, hanging out around the Law Quad.

It has been such an incredible journey exploring the wonderful opportunities that await in Ross, and I wish you the best of luck as you embark on an exciting new journey in your life! Feel free to reach out or come chat during drop-ins about Ross clubs, finding your own community here at Ross or U of M, or even the best restaurant spots in Ann Arbor!

Thank you and as always, Go Blue!

Current Campus Involvement: BA 100 Peer Coach, Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity, Nexecon Consulting Group, Propel Business Club

Past Involvement: Maize Rage, OptiMize

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Student ambassador