Saar Joskovitch

My career began in the army with six years of service in the human resources space and in several leadership positions. Towards the end of it, I realized that my real passion is around business and specifically how to run a business in a global environment. I did my BBA (major in accounting) in the College of Management Academic Studies, Israel; interned at Broadcom Semiconductors as a financial controller and at KPMG as a Senior Audit Associate. I discovered that those who are in finance and live it, speak the business' language much better. In order to challenge myself, I took on the challenge of leading the corporate accounting function in a top cyber security firm, overseeing its financial operations across more than 40 countries, leading several due diligences involved in the cash management and currency-hedge strategy. Above all I made sure that the company's "business story" is wrapped up properly in the financial statements before it is sent out to the public (NASDAQ). Naturally, to support my professional development, I decided to reflect on my past experience and challenges by pivoting to strategic corporate finance position. I joined Ross where I could continue building my professional, personal and leadership character, gain real-world's hands-on experience by doing and have lots of fun in the process! Ross' outstanding culture and quality, derived by excellent students and staff creates the ultimate atmosphere for diverse individuals to make the most out of their MBA experience at one of the greatest universities. My wife, our three amazing (and very noisy) kids and our sphynx cat (yes that's a cat!) just love living in Ann Arbor; this one-of-a-kind community is part of the drivers who makes us who we are, Rossers! On a personal note, I played ping pong for seven years, love hiking, soccer, and extreme activities. Feel free to reach out at any time and about anything. Go Blue!