Sarah Andes

Sarah Andes

Class of 2022

I started my career as a classroom teacher, spent the better part of a decade helping build and scale an education nonprofit, and then worked at a research center focused on youth civic engagement before coming to Ross. I starting thinking about business school because I wanted to spend time learning more about organizational design (with an eye towards applying that knowledge to K-12 schools one day) and developing myself as an inclusive and inspiring leader. Ross appealed to me at first because it offered the opportunity to pursue a dual degree at another top-ranked program. But its people, its approach toward action-based learning, and its spirit are what really drew me in and convinced me to commit. I was initially worried about how I'd fit into a business school environment from the social impact space and as an older-than-average student, and now I find myself being both welcomed and awed by my classmates, and I couldn't be happier with my choice! I'd love to be a resource for anyone facing similar questions.

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University of Texas at Austin

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