Shartia (Tia)

Shartia (Tia)

Class of 2020

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

I am passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Michigan Ross student experience! I decided to attend Ross because I knew that the opportunities for personal and professional growth would be unmatched by other business schools. Additionally, the alumni network was a significant factor in my choice because a strong alumni network guarantees a community after graduation. During my time here I co-founded a group called the BBA Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force, which strives to make sure that every Ross student has a unique, but equitable experience during their undergraduate years. My favorite part of my Ross experience has been seeing diverse communities of students come together and work tirelessly to promote collaboration and inclusion. I’m glad that I chose Ross because in addition to having access to endless opportunities, I now have a platform to make change on a large scale!

Current Campus Involvement: BBA Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force, Peer Recruiter for Outreach

Past Involvement: Out for Business LGBTQ+ Association, America Reads Tutoring Program

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