Sheela Lal

Sheela Lal

Class of 2019

I came from a community development, policy, and communications background, focusing on both South Asia and Missouri. I lived in Colombo (through Fulbright) where I quantitatively examined gender based violence in Sinhala film and wrote a short fictional film, then moved to Kolkata to work at iMerit Technology Services, a social enterprise, where I focused on relationship management, grants and awards, and research. I had a surreal ah-hah! moment on a train in Northern Vietnam, realizing how much I missed the malarkey known as the Missouri legislature, and moved home to invest in local government. Choosing the MBA route is similar to every other career move -- I wanted to learn quickly and diversify how I perceive the world. Ross allows me to integrate my diverse interests without losing out on what makes me, me.

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University of Missouri

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