Sophie Fitchett

Prior to Ross, I spent four years in real estate property management and development at Goldman Sachs in London, UK. I decided to pursue an MBA to expand my business and leadership skill set, network with people from diverse backgrounds and learn how to take strategic and analytical decisions in business. Originally from Scotland, the US stood out to me as the perfect place to get my MBA primarily due to the teaching quality and post-MBA opportunities. I was impressed by Ross' commitment to Action Based Learning in addition to the tight-knit supportive community. The outside academic experience of Ross really resonated with me; from the numerous clubs to get involved with, to the American college experience of football, tailgating and a small college town. If any of that sounds interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I recognise the impact that so many ambassadors have had in giving me invaluable insights about the program and the school’s culture during my application journey. Go Blue!