Sumit Modi

Prior to Ross, I spent 6 years working at BCG. In my role as an analyst I was helping global clients solve challenging business problems by drawing insights using advanced data and analytical techniques. I worked across multiple industries in the initial two years but narrowed my focus towards the Travel and Retail practices working on topics such as Network Planning, Pricing and Procurement.

As I grew in this role, I wanted to think beyond the technical aspect of any business problem and work on developing relevant soft skills to be an effective leader. This created a perfect segue for my MBA at Ross. So far in the classroom, the action based learning methodology at Ross has been truly rewarding. Outside of the classroom, I continue to develop solid camaraderie with my amazing cohort through various social and career events and look forward to an enriching experience in Ann Arbor!

As a student ambassador, I am happy to talk about Ross’s culture, teaching methodology and life in Ann Arbor as an international. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have. Go Blue!