Tirth Patel

Tirth Patel

Class of 2024

Prior to coming to Ross, I worked as an Aerospace Engineer for a Jet Engine manufacturer. I came to the business school to achieve a life-long goal of wanting to work for myself and make a positive impact on the world in doing so. While I didn't know what that would look like for me before coming to Ross, the journey of going through the application process, reflection, talking to current students and alumni, and eventually joining my peers in Michigan has helped me answer many of those questions.

At Ross, I am focusing on becoming an Entrepreneur and recruiting for Venture Capital. I can help answer questions about resources available for either fields. Some of my other hobbies include: snowboarding, boxing/MMA (fun fact: I was on Penn State Boxing team), watching Formula 1, and rooting for my football teams (PSU and Eagles, and now also Michigan when they aren't playing PSU).

The student ambassadors were a big resource for me when I was going through my journey to apply to b-schools. I cannot wait to pay this forward and help inspire the next generation of leaders!

Undergraduate Education

Pennsylvania State University

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Student ambassador
Undergraduate Major
Aerospace Engineering
Prior Industry