Tyler Krevis

Tyler Krevis

Class of 2023

I came to Ross to further my skills in the consulting profession. I worked in technology consulting focused on large transformations and system implementations. Having worked in consulting for five years, I knew I liked the lifestyle but I was ready to expand my skill set to be more creative and impactful for my clients. After fully understanding back-end operations of corporate financial departments, I wanted to now understand the drivers and tools that business leaders use to embark on these large complex transformations. As a consultant post-MBA I plan use these new learnings and advise executives on the best strategic decisions via digital transformations to create a competitive advantage for their organization.

Ross was an easy choice for me when selecting schools. I had met a lot of great alumni back in New York and they were all humble, helpful, and incredibly smart. It had an unbelievable support network and an environment to succeed.

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Penn State University Park

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