Yangrong Pan

Yangrong Pan

Class of 2022

I used to work at a bank in my hometown - the City of Nanning in China. Life and job was cozy there. The only problem was that I was not very satisfied with my salary, which I don't think I can do much about in a short time. Then some consulting people showed up and my salary was increased for nearly 50%. Later I learnt that the problems they face are far varied and more interesting than those of mine and their impact to the world are much more recognizable. That’s the time when I decided to change. My parents encouraged me to pursue a higher education in order to support my career goal, and I met some nice people from Ross who gave me much help when I was searching and applying for schools. That’s the reason why I ended up here. I’d like to pass down to you the warm heart and all those caring I received when I was an applicant. Feel free to reach me, and I’d always happy to help.

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Fudan University

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