Yanhao Wu

Yanhao Wu

Class of 2022

Solving challenging problems always brings me a sense of achievement. And that's the reason why I'm passionate about consulting. Prior to Ross, I worked in both auditing and advisory departments in two of the Big Four accounting firms. To prepare for my future career, I decided to pursue an MBA degree to build a well-rounded skillset and Ross is my first choice not only for its strength in consulting but also for its powerful alumni network around the world. Besides, the action-based learning at Ross is another attraction to me. Now, I'm here and when I'm recruiting for consulting summer internship, I'm impressed with the help, resources and opportunities provided by the Ross Community. If you are also interested in Ross, feel free to reach out and I'm glad to answer any questions. Go blue!

Undergraduate Education

East China Normal University

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Undergraduate Major
Environmental/Sanitary Enginee
Prior Industry
Finance-Private Equity/Venture Capital