Banking at Michigan


Banking at Michigan (BAM) is a student-led project aimed at providing education, guidance, and resources to any student interested in investment banking.

Our mission is to help students navigate the recruitment process while making it more accessible and inclusive. BAM is run by Michigan students who have successfully navigated the recruitment process and are going to work for top firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Rothschild & Co. Our events, resources, guides and workshops are open to all students—no application necessary (just sign up on our website at We provide recruiting and interview preparation resources as well as host investment banking overview sessions, technical and behavioral workshops, office hours and more.

We employ a 2-pronged membership structure—general membership & our analyst program.

1. General members choose what they want to get out of the organization. General members have access to all of our:

  • Public resources (e.g. blog, slide decks, external/internal content),
  • Recruitment and interview preparation material (sent out via newsletter)
  • Events (town halls, workshops, office hours), and
  • Mentors (seniors who have successfully navigated through the process)

2. Our Analyst Program is in place for those who are searching for a more active and involved role in the organization. 


  • Contribute blog posts, where they learn about a topic while teaching it together
  • Collaborate with fellow analysts on team projects such as slide decks
  • Learn and teach corporate finance and valuation through a structured syllabus
  • Take part in bi-weekly team meetings where there is ample time to get to know each other, work on projects, ask questions, share challenges and brainstorm solutions


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