Data Analytics Consulting Club (DACC)


The Data Analytics Consulting Club (DACC) is an organization of predominantly Ross students who are passionate about applying data science to business challenges. DACC differentiates itself from other professional clubs focused on tech or analytics by providing its members with data science focused consulting projects for companies, not for profit organizations, and government entities.

DACC aims to meet the four foundational pillars of Ross:

  • Positive - By providing students with data education, skills, and professional networks, students can solve society’s pressing data and analytics problems.
  • Boundaryless - Developing an analytical mind will help students see multiple approaches to a given problem and help solve issues in and beyond the boardroom.
  • Analytical - Data analysis is changing the way businesses operate. DACC provides a medium for MBA students to hone their skills for their summer internship and career.
  • Action - The most effective way for MBA students to hone their data skillset is to practice it and engage with real businesses.
Officer Info

President, Charlene Hsiao​,