Michigan Business Club


MBC is aimed at educating University of Michigan students with an interest in business. Since business is many times a confusing and broad topic for students, MBC exists on campus to break ‘business’ down into manageable topics of discussion and learning.

The MBC experience can be broken down into two semesters. During the first semester, members gain industry specific knowledge and skills through workshops and meetings. Meeting and workshop topics cover all major industries in business to give members a wide breadth of knowledge. Members are recommended to join a mentorship group with our board members for more personalized experiences.

During the second semester, with their introductory knowledge, members choose a focus group, like finance or consulting, to continue building their skills. These focus groups work on a semester long project, such as client consulting sessions or investment fund management. At the end of the year, members present their findings to a panel of judges comprised of individuals from the company or professors and upperclassmen. This will prepare members for client presentations over the course of their jobs and internships.

Officer Info

Presidents Zachary Friedman, zachjf@umich.edu and Neil Kasarla, nkasarla@umich.edu