Michigan China Forum


Michigan China Forum is a student-run forum striving to broaden student’s vision on Sino-US relationships about various disciplines. The goal of the forum is to “connect Michigan to China” and “empower future leaders” with global visions.

Founded in 2017, Michigan China Forum is a non-profit student organization registered at the University of Michigan. Our mission statement is “Connect Michigan to China.” By inviting key figures across different industries to discuss the latest and most controversial topics, we are committed to empower the future leaders of the U.S., China and beyond to excel in a global landscape. The forum will serve as a platform for students and young professionals across different cultures to gain insights, dispel biases and engage in inspiring dialogues.
In 2017, 30+ industry elites and leading scholars spoke at 5 panels: Sino-U.S. Relations, Entrepreneurship, Mobility, Economy, and Media. A total of 1100+ audience participated in 2 days. We expanded our breath in 2018 to include panels such as Environment and Sustainability, and Sports. We are motivated to provide students with edge cutting insights into as many
industries as possible.
Officer Info

Qi Ni, qini@umich.edu
Zichen Wang, zichenw@umich.edu
Weichen Li,  weichenl@umich.edu
Jiaheng He, jiaheng@umich.edu